I am: Joshua Delsman, software developer, devops engineer

Conquering complex infrastructure dilemmas since 2006

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Joshua Delsman

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I'm an expert in the following:

Ruby (and Rails)
DevOps (AWS, Docker, High-Availability, etc.)
Go (or "Golang")
JavaScript (jQuery, node.js)


Qualified, senior-level full-stack software developer with over 12+ years of engineering, operations and project management experience in a variety of industries. Proven leader focused on building simple, scalable, highly-performant software. Expert at refactoring legacy code, reversing negative sales trends, creating beautiful user experiences, and maximizing profit and automation in enterprises both large and small.

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Currently in San Francisco, California


Most Recent Gigs

Lead DevOps Engineer (Platform) — HotelTonight

From April 2015 to October 2015 in San Francisco, CA
  • Saved the company over $331,000 over the next year by modernizing and consolidating all development, staging, QA and production environments on Amazon Web Services
  • Introduced the engineering team to Docker, which made the developer onboarding process much simpler
  • Upgraded the API backend services to use Ruby 2.2.3, instantly cutting response times for most endpoints by 45% (most of which was time spent in garbage collection)
  • Wrote many command-line tools using Golang, which were deployed as a "devops toolbelt" of sorts to each production instance
  • Oversaw HT's daily site operations, and noticably improved overall site reliability and performance

Lead Rails Engineer — Rovi Corporation

From March 2013 to January 2015 in Burbank, CA
  • Spearheaded project to rewrite Rovi's TotalTV platform in Rails 4, Ruby 2, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript and other cutting-edge web frameworks from an older, non-functional .NET platform in under two months
  • Lead a team of developers, practicing Agile methodologies, and also assisted in migrating and merging multiple other similar Rovi TV guide applications into a single, sustainable platform
  • Helped drive the company toward using a container-based deployment flow using cutting-edge technologies, such as Docker and CoreOS

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